Steens Mountain Road Trip

Last week, David and I took Ren on a road trip to Steens Mountain in Eastern Oregon. We drove through this part of Oregon in last April on our drive from Las Vegas to deal with PO box and camper order. The countryside was beautiful despite the foggy weather at that time. I have put Southeastern Oregon on my radar for an area to explore since.

Our route
Our route

We were at Big Pines RV Park in Crescent, Oregon. It tok about 5-hour drive to Steens Mountain area. We planded to camp at South Steens Campgrounds for 3 nights. I wanted to do a couple of hikes including the summit of Steens Mountain when we were there.

South Steens Campground was very nice, full of juniper trees and sage brushes. The campground was quite empty. There were about 2-3 other campers using the facility. We saw as many mule deers as people in the campground. The weather unexpectedly turned cold with forecast of snow on our second day. So we decided to leave early after our second night. We only did one hike on Big Indian Trail (next post) but didn’t get to do the summit and Wildhorse Lake. I have unfinished business at Steens Mountain.

We took different route back to Crescent by heading south to Fields, Oregon and taking Hwy 140 from Nevada to Lake View, Oregon. It was a scenic drive even in the rainy and snowy weather. Enjoy the photos of our trip below.

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