Leaving Death Valley…..Prematurely

This post was supposed to be about our fun time in Death Valley National Park. We reserved a camping spot at Furnace Creek Campground in the heart of Death Valley for 11 nights. David and I visited Death Valley National Park in Spring of 2012. This time around we got to stay inside the park which was very convenient….until our fridge decided to quit.

We arrived in the park last Monday, settled in, and familiarized ourselves with the campground. The next day we went up to Dante’s View and enjoyed our afternoon up at about 5,000 ft in elevation above the valley floor to escape the heat at Furnace Creek. On Wednesday we took a drive on the Cottonwood/Marble Canyon Road and did a short hike. We did laundry on Thursday. That afternoon David noticed that beers in Stimpy’s fridge weren’t cold. Several troubleshootings were done and it was clear by Friday morning that the fridge wasn’t functioning. What next? We needed to move quickly to save the thawing foods.

We considered going into Pahrump, the nearest devent size town, to find a repair place and to look for a large cooler and buy ice to keep our foods from spoiling. It didn’t seem to be a viable plan as we will have to be near services for a while and Furnace Creek Campground is not the right place to be to deal with it. Since we will be in Southern California in about a week, David suggested that we should get out of Death Valley now. I called the Californian RV Resort on Friday morning and fortunately they could accommodate us for an additional week. So, we left Death Valley.

Below are some photos of our short-lived time in Death Valley National Park. I am sure we’ll be back again.

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