RV Problem — Fridge Not Working

As mentioned in the last post, Stimpy’s refrigerator quit working while we were in Death Valley National Park. We normally keep lots of fresh and frozen foods in our fridge. With the temperature in Furnace Creek being from high 80°F to low 90°F during the day last week, the clock was ticking. We had to act quickly or lose these foods.

We decided to change our plan and terminated our stay in the park to be closer to services. We moved up our travel to Southern California to have the fridge repaired. Our experience this summer told us that it won’t be easy to have the repair done quickly. It could take 2 weeks or longer to have anything done, especially if parts need to be ordered.

So while we’re waiting for a repair, we bought a small fridge, like the one used in a dorm. It holds 2.6 cubic feet. This fridge and Ren’s fridge (1.3 cubic feet), although still small compared to The 12-cubic foot fridge in Stimpy, should take the pressure off our situation. So far it works out well. Buying a new fridge just for this seems wasteful at first, but so does letting foods go bad. We plan to donate the temporary fridge we bought to place like Goodwill after Stimpy’s fridge is repaired or replaced.

Our temporary fridge next to Stimpy's fridge
Our temporary fridge next to Stimpy’s fridge

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