A look back at our RV features

It’s been 4 months since we became full-timers and made a cross-country relocation in our motorhome, Stimpy. For background information about Stimpy, you can read the Equipment Update post.

When we were shopping for the RV, our primary focus was mainly on towing/carrying capacity of the motorhome and handling on the road. Other features were not high in the priority list. There were some generic criteria that we looked for like how well built they are, amount of storage, the size of refrigerator, etc.

Our 41-foot Stimpy

There are features in our motorhome that we weren’t sure they were necessary when we bought the coach but ended up being what we used all the time. On the other hand, there are things that we wouldn’t have missed if they weren’t there. Here are the top 5 features that we enjoyed and top 5 features that we could do without.

Features We Like

  1. 120 V/Propane electric 12-cu. ft. 4-door refrigerator with through-door water dispenser – David is a great cook. And I like to eat. Having a large refrigerator is important to us. We didn’t think, though, that a water dispenser is a necessary feature. But we found that we use it all the time.It reduces the number of time we have to open the fridge just to have cold water. Our fridge also has an ice maker…perfect for making drinks and chilling stuffs. img_2136
  2. Combo washer and dryer – I wrote a post a while back about our washer and dryer. I love the convenience.Different washing and drying programs and settings
  3. One and half bathrooms – Two toilets! Need I say more? However, a drawback of having two bathrooms seems to be other spaces were sacrificed. We would like to have more space for a kitchen countertop. Lots of compromises.
  4. Heat pump – Propane heating is nice, especially when it gets really cold and heat pump doesn’t work well or at all. But propane costs money and is not always easy to get with a large rig like Stimpy. Most of the time we already pay for electricity through a full hook-up anyway. Using heat pump does not cost extra when we are hooked up to shore power.
  5. Exhaust break – This feature is actually the most important one for us. When Stimpy is as heavy as he is, having an exhaust brake makes it easier to stop without wear and tear on the brakes. This is even more critical when coming down those long steep mountains. If you have heavy rigs, some kind of auxiliary braking system is a must for added safety.

Features We Don’t Need or Don’t Like

  1. Two couches in the living area – It’s just two of us. We don’t need the capability for sleeping 6 people. For the same amount of space for a couch, we could use a recliner and a desk.

    This one can go.
  2. Carpets – We are not a fan of carpets. Both of us have allergies, so hard surface floor, which is easier to keep clean, would have served us better.
  3. Lack of Propane Oven – A convention oven is nice but it relies on being hooked up to shore power. We may put in a propane oven at some point.
  4. A unit controlling heating and cooling systems is a bit fiddly – We got used to it, but it’s still not easy to adjust heating and cooling for different zones and settings.
  5. Holding tanks smell in the coach while driving down highways – I can’t believe people put up with the smell and RV manufacturers got away with it for so long. We put in one of those Venturi-style vent cap but the smell is still a problem. It may be because the coach roof ACs, vent covers, and a refrigerator vent interfere with an airflow required for these vent cap to work as design (?) I don’t know. Anyone has a solution that you would like to share, I would love to know.

That’s it, folks. How about you? What are features that you love/dislike in your RV?

3 thoughts on “A look back at our RV features

  1. Stimpy is a beauty! I’m fascinated by RVs and campers and enjoyed this peek into your home. The holding tank odor dilemma can’t be fun, but the two bathrooms and washer dryer unit seem like they probably make up for any lingering smells. Glad you were able to fix the fridge!

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  2. We have a similar fridge and love it also.Did you get yours working again? A propane oven would be great. I do have a recliner (AKA poppa chair) in the living room. We haven’t experienced the smell going down the road unless we didn’t treat the tanks but we don’t have a roof unit.

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