2017 Travel Plan — Canadian Rockies and overseas travel

As 2016 comes to a close, we’re trying to plot our travel plan for 2017. We learned from our first 6 months of full-time RVing that plans do change (more than we want them to) and we really have to embrace it. It’s part of the adventure. So for the sake of leaving our travel plan open and flexible, or vague depending your point of view, here is the 2017 plan that we’ve been thinking about. I’m quite excited about what we’ll be doing next year.

Our 2017 travel plan
Our 2017 travel plan

RV Routes

We will probably stay in the Palm Springs area through the end of winter. The only set plan at this point is to be in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon in April to have solar system installed and Stimpy serviced. Stimpy didn’t come with any solar panels and the coath batteries need an upgrade. It’s time to have a new system installed.

We then will meander up to Vancouver, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies. We’ll spend about one and a half months exploring national parks in the Canadian Rockies, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In late August and September, we’ll be visiting friends and spending time in our home state of Oregon. We have to be back in Southern California to put Stimpy and Ren in RV storage and fly off to Bangkok, Thailand in late October.

2017 RV RoutesOverseas Travel

Every two years David and I travel to Bangkok to visit my family. We always visit other part of Thailand or nearby countries when we are there. When I was still held down by a job, I could only take off 2-3 weeks for vacation. It was hardly long enough for a trip with that distance. Now that we own our time, we can be there as long as we want. We planned to be in Thailand from the end of October 2017 to early February 2018. We are thinking about visiting Taipei, Sydney, and perhaps New Zealand’s South Island or Laos while in Southeast Asia. Where we’ll go haven’t been finalized. There are lots to be figured out but it’ll be a fun adventure.

Overseas Travel


11 thoughts on “2017 Travel Plan — Canadian Rockies and overseas travel

  1. So jealous of your plans! We have a few more years to go before we can enjoy the same lifestyle and love learning from bloggers who are sharing their experiences with the rest of us. We look forward to traveling vicariously with you. Safe travels!

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    1. Thanks Irene for visiting. We’re enjoying it. Living full-time and traveling in an RV come with its challenge. We figured whichever we chose to do will have challenges, so we should just embrace them. Also thanks for following along. We look forward to a summer in the Canadian Rockies and a trip abroad later this year.


  2. Keng, I thought you might like this. The University of Alberta is offering a free course on mountains and mountain culture that starts January 9th. (I’m going to take it.) I think it sounds fascinating and I’ve been signed up since I first heard about it in September. You can learn more about it here (https://www.coursera.org/learn/mountains-101) and I think it might heighten the experience of the incredible trip you’re about to undertake. Enjoy! Sheri.

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  3. This sounds so exciting!!! If you’re heading to Vancouver, do you plan to spend any time on Vancouver Island? It is so ruggedly beautiful there… like the Oregon coastline on steroids. My hubby and I are heading back there in feb for a wee dose of storm season, so stay tuned for pics). Look up Tofino, Uclulet, Botanical Beach, Juan de Fuca Trail, French Beach, Pacific Rim National Park… and Long Beach (best campground ever).

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    1. I’ll read up about Vancouver Island. Our plan in May and June is quite fluid and flexible at this point. I originally thought about being in Vancouver for 2-4 weeks. If our schedule isn’t altered by RV services, we may make a side trip to the island. I had only been to Vancouver Island once about 15 years ago when I was still in school in Oregon and didn’t do any exploring other than tourist things.

      Thanks for the ideas Sheri. Your website is such an inspiration for me to travel even more.

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  4. WOW!! That is awesome, how exciting. That sounds like a great amount of time for the Canadian Rockies. The campgrounds seemed really fun for RVing. And YES to your international plans….we have had Thailand on the radar for this upcoming fall. If it ends up happening I will have to ask you for some recommendations!

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  5. Know what you mean about traveling plans changing. You think you can have a set itinerary, but it doesnt happen. We think its the fun of finally being flexible.

    Awesome plans! Definitely do Australia and New Zealand. Checkout Tasmania too. We just met people from there in Thailand (we were there for 4 weeks since before we were like you with only 3,weeks. Would stay longer but the animals) and said it was cheap flying. Have so much fun in Canada. Can’t wait to see pics!

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    1. Hey Wanda. It’ll be a nice adventure for sure. Hanging our little snowman here wouldn’t make it snow anyway. In Richmond as soon as we got the first snow, the little snowman was in. 😆Thanks for an update about Tiger. He’s always up for a fight regardless of an outcome. Hopefully, no visit to a vet was necessary. We wish you and Jane a relaxing holidays and Merry Christmas.


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