Canadian Rockies wish list

I created a separate Canadian Rockies 2017 page with a map of potential hiking trails that we’d like to take. The map helps me visualize where these hikes are relative to our campgrounds. It’s very helpful in filling out empty spots. Are there your favorite hikes or places in the Canadian Rockies that aren’t on the map?

7 thoughts on “Canadian Rockies wish list

  1. Hi Keng,
    I live in Canmore, there are hundreds of miles of trails in the Canmore Banff area alone,it seems you have a good plan already but if you can check out the Spray lakes area, there are lots of trails there too, also, be aware this is bear country, so be prepared, carry an air horn, bear spray, and read up on Grizzly bear habits, I don’t want to scare you, just best to be prepared. Also, I use a program called Basecamp, it is the desktop program for gps, once you have Basecamp you can download a lot of free maps, there is one called southern Alberta trail maps, has a ton of trails, also a lot of other maps free. Here is a web address for the map depot, good place to start. also here is a download for Basecamp,
    Have fun

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    1. Thanks for the tips Dennis. I’ll check out the sites you mentioned. Will definitely explore the Spray Lakes area more. We ended up will be in Canmore and Calgary earlier than I would like. I wonder how much hiking we could be in K-Country in first half of June. Any particular areas in K-Country that are suitable for early June? Thanks.


      1. Hi Keng
        June is a nice time to be in the mountains, When you are heading into Kananaskis ( K Country) stop at the visitor information building along highway 40, they should be able to give you some maps, also, Kananaskis Delta lodge has a outdoor gear store, they would have some info as well, there are a lot of trails that just start along highway 40, this is rugged country so you cannot go to far off the highway for the most part other than a few roads, one of which is the spray lakes road which will take you back to Canmore, it has a lot of trails starting off of it, beautiful drive but it is all gravel but usully well maintained, this is a well used road, not a 4 wheel drive type road.
        Here is a link to some of the trails in the Bow Valley,, note, the reference to 35 kilometers east of Canmore is the turnoff to highway 40, there is a Casino on the corner, part of highway 40 is closed part of the year for wildlife purposes but it will not effect you at all, the closed part is a long way up the highway, I can’t remember the dates but I believe it is closed around June 15.
        There is also a vistitor information centre at the far end of town (Canmore) a good place to stop, It will be at the north end of Bow Vallety Trail, or you can take exit 86 off of the transCanada highway.
        If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
        Enjoy your summer
        ps. Canada is a metric country so please ensure you know your vehicles weights Kilograms (kg) and height’s Meters (M), speed, Kilometers, ( km) here is a good page to convert,

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  2. You’re so organized! Fantastic idea–I’m going to have to steal your map idea to help us plot out hikes/campgrounds for the summer. I’ll be taking careful notes about your trip and hikes for when we (hopefully, someday!) make it to the Canadian Rockies. Very excited for you guys! 😀

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