One of many reasons I look forward to being on hiking trails in spring and summer is seeing and photographing wildflowers. Among many places in the U.S. that we visited, I remember the vibrant bluebonnets and desert flowers in Big Bend National Park, the beautiful lupines and Indian paintbrush of Mount Hood Meadows, the alpine flowers of Rocky Mountain National Park. A few places are well known for their summer wildflowers. Mount Rainier National Park comes to mind. However, there is one place I’d like to visit in the spring when wildflowers are in bloom. It’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California. It is located in Southern California, about a two-hour drive from San Diego and Palm Springs. The Smithsonian Magazine named it in 2015 as one of the seven best places in the U.S. to see wildflowers. Since we’re waiting the winter out in the Palm Springs area, it’s a good opportunity to visit the park during a peak bloom. The park’s website has updates for the peak bloom. The latest update on February 11 indicates the end of February to be a prime time for wildflowers viewing. If the desert receives more rain and the weather stays cool longer, the blooming period may extend well into March.

In a week or two we’ll make a trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. I’ll write a follow-up post after our visit. In the meantime, enjoy pictures of desert wildflowers from our past years.

How about you? Where are your memorable places for wildflowers?

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Mount Hood Meadows, Oregon

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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  1. Those Big Bend bluebonnets are so gorgeous–what a treat that must’ve been! Mount Rainier in July was particularly lovely for wildflowers, and we were fortunate to catch alpine tundra blooms off Trail Ridge Road one year. Beautiful photos, as always!

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    1. Thanks Christine. The wildflowers in Texas were the most unexpected for me. Driving between Austin and Big Bend country in the first week of April we saw lots of wildflowers in many different colors just on the side of the roads.

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  2. I cant wait to get to explore the flora in the desert and higher elevation. There is a certain adimiration of beauty that fills me when I see how flowers have overcome obstacles in harsh environments and add beauty to the otherwise uniform landscape.

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  3. Beautiful, Keng! Mountain wildflowers are one of my favourite things to shoot, too. You are coming here in June, right? That’s prime wildflower time here. Make sure you add Burstall Pass to your list of hikes. In all the hikes in the Spray (Kananaskis) area, it has the most spectacular wildflower show.

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    1. Thanks Sheri. I added Burstall Pass to my wish list. 😊 Just realizing that the trailhead is across the road from Chester Lake Trail. My Canadian Rockies Wish List has grown out of control. 😅 So many hikes, so little time.

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      1. I would put Burstall over Chester Lake, in June. Just bring sandals on the hike. In the afternoon, the sun causes increased melting from the glacier above and the delta crossing might get you a bit wet on the way out. I plan to do a post on it soon. And if you’re feeling energetic when you’re up there, add the Birdwood Traverse to your hike. It’s quite neat.

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