Hiking Pushawalla Palms Oasis in Spring

Last week, David and I hiked Pushawalla Palms Oasis, the same hike we did last November. This spectacular hike is in the Coachella Valley Preserve near Thousand Palms in Palm Springs Area.

To read the post about this hike we did last year and detailed information about the trail, you can follow this link “Hiking on San Andreas Fault to Pushawalla Palms Oasis“. This time we hiked the trail with our friends. What a difference a season makes! This hike was even more beautiful in spring. Wildflowers were abundant everywhere we looked.

Walking along a wash. The trail was filled with brittlebush, phacelia, desert dandelion, pincushion, desert sunflower.

Hiking down to Pushawalla Palms Oasis
The wreckage
Towering California fan palms
Climbing out of the canyon up to ridge line section

And some more flowers pictures.

The ridge line section of the trail was truly breathtaking. The photos below couldn’t quite capture it.

As with any hikes in the desert, bring plenty of water and proper sun protection on this hike. You will be exposed to the sun almost an entire time.

7 thoughts on “Hiking Pushawalla Palms Oasis in Spring

  1. Wow, this looks like an incredible hike! Beautiful photos…I still can’t get over the abundance and vivid colors of these desert wildflowers. I’d be too distracted by all of that beauty (and those fan palms) to concentrate on hiking. 😀 Love the way you capture spring in the desert…it really brings the season to life!

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    1. Thanks Christine. This year is the first time I am in the desert for an extended period from late October to early April. Seeing the desert transformed from a typical dry appearance to being full of lives and colors is truly eye-opening.

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