Captivated by rhododendrons in Hendricks Park

Last Thursday was my first time in the Rhododendron Garden at Hendricks Park in Eugene, Oregon. The garden was beautiful and full of stunning flowers. I’ve never seen so many varieties of rhododendrons.

This past week our motorhome, Stimpy, was in the shop with AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon to have a solar system and new batteries installed. As a result, we’ve been living in our truck camper, Ren, for about a week now. Earlier in the week, we had a short visit with our good friends in Welches. We arrived back in Eugene area on Thursday.

On Thursday night we planned to camp in a Walmart parking lot before Ren had a solar panel installed the next day. Since there was no reason to get to Walmart before dark, we tried to kill time on Thursday evening. We went to Hendricks Park near University of Oregon. According to the City of Eugene’s website, Hendricks Park is Eugene’s oldest city park. The 80-acre park is a haven for people who enjoy hiking, bird watching, or just taking in the tranquility of nature.

The Rhododendron Garden at Hendricks Park, Eugene

After parking our truck, we walked toward the Rhododendron Garden. Wow. Rhododendrons were everywhere. Many of them are blooming with a lot more yet to bloom. The prime time to view rhododendron blooming here is from April to May, basically now. There were rhododendron plants of many sizes, from small bushes to large trees. The size of the flowers was also varied, ranging from as small as azalea flowers to larger than David’s hand. They have so many colors.

Look at the size of these flowers!

In addition to rhododendrons, the Garden also has many other plants — camellias, Douglas firs, magnolia trees, Japanese maples, oaks, and lots of flowering plants I don’t know the names. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon in the city.

If you’re looking for something more active to do in Eugene area, check out my post about Spencer Butte.

10 thoughts on “Captivated by rhododendrons in Hendricks Park

    1. I’m sure dogwood trees are in full bloom. I sure can do without the oak pollens. We miss you and Jane too. Hope you get some helps with the business.


  1. I always love your beautiful photos…such a vivid array of colors and rhododendron varieties, especially that huge hand-sized bloom! It’s amazing to think you can find all of this beauty right in the city. I’ve heard a lot about Stimpy but didn’t realize there was a Ren, too–fun to hear about that guy . 😀 It looks like you’re on your way north…will you be hanging out in OR/WA a bit before heading into Canada? Love how you always seek out nature and beauty, even from Walmart–makes me want to look closer at our own city parks to see what we’re missing.

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    1. Thank you. We haven’t planned what we’ll do before the first of June for our first campground just outside of Calgary. I think we’ll be in OR/WA area until then. We usually do Walmart camping when we pass by cities and didn’t want to pay to just park our RV when we don’t need any services (electricity, water, or sewer dump).

      How’s your summer trip planning coming along?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hanging out in OR/WA sounds like fun! I’ve been looking into a Walmart overnighter near Reno, but it’s just my luck that it’s illegal in NV. (But gambling and prostitution are not, lol?) Ah well, I’ll find a rest stop somewhere. You must be busy with your summer planning, too. We’re finalizing maps, hikes, etc. and prepping freeze dried meals. Summer’s coming so much faster than I expected!

        Liked by 1 person

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