Canadian Tire stores don’t just sell tires

When we first arrived in Cochrane, just outside of Calgary, Alberta, we walked and drove by this huge Canadian Tire store several times. We never paid attention to it since we weren’t looking for tires.

Until last week, after an attempt to hike to Sparrowhawk Tarns with our new Canadian friends, Sheri and Bill, that turned into a winter hike in snow, we were looking to buy new hiking poles to replace the ones David had been using. Bill mentioned Canadian Tire as one of the places that sell outdoor gears. Well, Bill has introduced us to a whole new shopping opportunity in Canada.

We went to Canadian Tire to check it out. It is definitely not a tire store, like Les Schwab. Yes, they obviously sell tires, wheels, and automobile-related stuff, but they also have a bunch of other things–home improvement, home living, landscaping, tech gadgets, outdoors, sports, list goes on. They even sell figure skates! The store in Cochrane also sells a yeti and an enormous-sized bear if you feel like spending big money (they weren’t cheap) decorating your lawn with something quirky.

It’s so cool to discover what else you can buy there. Having said that they had a limited selection of hiking poles, so we ended up buying them at Atmosphere. Since the first visit, we went back a couple more times to pick up things we needed. Can we have Canadian Tire stores in the US?

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