David and I went full-time RVing and moved back to the West in July 2016. We started this blog as a way to document our journey and to be our virtual home on the road. I never imagine that the world of blogging would lead us to Sheri and Bill. I’ve been following Sheri’s blog (Trail to Peak: The Adventurous Path) for quite some time. She is a great storyteller. Her writing and photographs are captivating. Sometimes it’s great to relive Sheri and Bill’s adventures in the comfort of my couch and temperature-controlled RV.

Sheri and Bill took a leap of faith for inviting David and me to their beautiful home in Canmore for a dinner and even let us stay overnight in their home. They took us on a hike in the Kananaskis Country that didn’t turn out as planned. Sheri’s post has recaptured what it’s like very well.

Trail to Peak: The Adventurous Path

The beauty of the blogging world is that you meet fascinating people… people that you might not otherwise come across and experience in your day to day life. You have a common set of interests, similar outlooks on life, and share passions: it’s the perfect basis for a friendship. I met Keng online. We’ve followed each other’s blogs for a while now and he and his partner have now come up to the Canadian rockies to explore Kananaskis, Banff, Jasper, Yoho and beyond.

Keng and David have retired, sold their house, and taken to life on the road, travelling around in their well equipped RV. Keng and David On The Road tracks their exploits, the beauty they see and experience, the pitfalls and triumphs, freedom and adventure of living a mobile life with no fixed address. So when they arrived in the Cochrane/Canmore area, we met up…

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  1. It’s amazing how the internet has changed how we form friendships. I met my wife in a AOL chatroom, I met one of my best friends in Germany AFTER I moved to the US online. We met a lot of people via Instagram that I am looking forward to meeting in real life and where I know there wont be much awkward silence cause we are on the same “wave length” The “World Wide Web” has actually made our world ALOT smaller.

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    1. The world of internet changed how the world functions. It’s definitely a wonderful way to connect with people. You certainly know more about folks before you actually meet them, so it serves as a good filter.


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