RV in for service and hanging out in Eugene, Oregon

Life of full-time RVers isn’t all about traveling and adventures. There are many fun adventures, then there are repairs and maintenance. This week Stimpy was in for routine maintenance and some repairs, so we hanged out in the Eugene area.

David and I were back in Eugene for a scheduled maintenance for Stimpy, our Fleetwood Revolution motorhome, with the REV Recreation Group in Coburg, Oregon. We had them change the engine oil and service the generator. They also, among a few other things, fix a broken latch on one of the basement storage door and a broken hinge mechanism on the entry door that was caused by a wind gust at the ocean this past spring. Yes, things do break and sometimes they’re inexpensive to fix but many times they’re not.

Stimpy at the shop

We stayed at Valley River Center’s parking lot and Armitage Park Campground while in the Eugene area. Valley River Center is a shopping center in Eugene, on the bank of the Willamette River. Part of Eugene’s extensive bike path system runs between the river and the perimeter of Valley River Center’s parking lot. While staying there, we walked along the bike path to Delta Pond, a 150-acre site consisting of ponds, wetlands, and riparian areas. Delta Pond borders a stretch of the Willamette River. It’s a good place for bird watching.

Parking lot camping at Valley River Center
Bike path along the Willamette River in Eugene
The Willamette River

Dry-camping at Valley River Center was probably our best parking lot camping to date. The bonus is you can stay here for up to two nights for free. The Center is used to RV camping there. As soon as we arrived in their parking lot, a security car stopped by to register our RV and gave us a yellow tag to display on our RV window. Here are some guidelines for RV overnight parking at Valley River Center provided by the security.

  • You may stay for free up to 2 nights. Check out time is 5 pm (yes, 5 pm!). The security did drive by regularly to check on the registered tag to ensure compliance.
  • After 2-night stay, you may not return for 30 nights.
  • Limited to 4 nights total in a 6-month period
  • One additional vehicle is allowed with your RV
  • RV must be self-contained (you can’t depend on their restrooms).
  • Fifth-wheel trailers may detach from their vehicle for around town driving, but must return in the evening.
  • No overnight parking for local residents whose mailing address is within 20 miles
  • Pets must remain on a leash.
  • No alcohol may be consumed outside the RV.
  • No open fires or BBQs. No setting up camp more than 3 feet from the RV

These are sensible rules to ensure that their parking lot won’t turn into an RV park. After 2 nights at Valley River Center, we moved to Armitage County Park Campground. We had stayed here before. The last time was in the spring when we spotted the iron Art Deco bird on the Armitage Bridge.

Armitage Park Campground is a very nice campground with full hookup and wonderful complimentary shower. A coin-operated laundry was in good condition. Because of its popularity, advanced reservation is necessary to secure a spot, especially if you need to stay for multiple days.

Our pop-up camper, Ren, is our home when Stimpy is being worked on.
Armitage Park Campground in August
Armitage Park Campground in early spring. It was wet and green.
Sunset at Armitage Park Campground in April

We got to hike up Spencer Butte again. Read about our Spencer Butte hike from last year here. This time we started from the Fox Hollow Trailhead. There distance was 4 mi return and about 1,000 ft elevation gain. We also visited with long time friends in the area. It was great to see familiar faces and to catch up with old friends.

6 thoughts on “RV in for service and hanging out in Eugene, Oregon

  1. I can’t wait until we get to Oregon. My daughter and I did a cross-country trip (Jacksonville, FL, to Newport, Oregon) when she did an internship at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. She stayed there for a year and absolutely loved it (so did I–it spawned the full-time RV bug for me–but I was only there for a few days). It’s on our list for the beginning of next year if we stick to the current plan. Safe travels and I hope Stimpy is good as new! Dawn

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