NZ Road Trip — Ending our road trip in Christchurch

This is the last post (7 of 7) of a series on our two-week road trip in New Zealand’s South Island. If you missed the last post, you can read it here.

After a wonderful day of sightseeing and hiking in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, we arrived back at the holiday park exhausted. Our holiday park situated next to the head of Lake Pukaki. That evening, after feeling rested, we walked down to the lake head. It was a lovely quiet place to wrap up our road trip before returning to busy Christchurch tomorrow.

Aoraki/Mount Cook from the head of Lake Pukaki

Next morning we we’re on the road again leaving Lake Pukaki. After a quick stop for photos at Peters Lookout, we were on our way. There was no sightseeing being planned today, just getting back to a holiday park in Christchurch that I previously read about from Ranker Camping NZ App, my go-to resource, before returning the van to JUCY the next day.

A famous view of Aoraki and Lake Pukaki from Peters Lookout

Our last morning in New Zealand finally arrived. Since we had to return the van in the afternoon, we spent the morning in town after checking out of the holiday park. After driving through the Central Business District, we walked to Christchurch Botanical Gardens. It was a great place to spend morning or afternoon in the city.

Spring is in full swing in Christchurch Botanical Gardens.
A family was out and enjoying the Botanical Gardens.

Afterward we returned our van to JUCY and rode their shuttle back to an airport. It had been a fun two-week road trip in South Island. We only explored a small fraction of New Zealand during this visit, but it felt like I had seen a lot of amazing places and had gotten to know the country. New Zealand’s South Island is a beautiful place and doing an RV road trip is a great way to explore its beauty. We are glad we did.

5 thoughts on “NZ Road Trip — Ending our road trip in Christchurch

  1. I enjoyed spending your last day in NZ here with you, Keng, thank you. It was a welcomed sight to see their spring, rather than winter we’re having here in the northern hemisphere. And I really liked the unusual flora of NZ. I hope your return travels go smoothly.

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    1. Thanks, Jet, for your kind words. It was a long time being away from the US (over 3 months). So we are glad to return to the States and not having to be on the go for a while. Hope you both are doing well.

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