Update on our RV TPMS — Adding system repeater (booster)

One of the first purchases we did for our motorhome, Stimpy, was a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). We consider TPMS for our motorhome and the towed vehicle essential for safe traveling. However, we frequently found that the system monitor couldn’t find a signal from some tires or lost it during the trip.

If you haven’t already, you can read about details of our TPMS in this post.

The manufacturer of our TPMS indicates that we shouldn’t need a repeater/booster for a monitoring distance within 53 feet. As it turned out, the 53 feet might be a bit over-ambitious. Also, either distance or interference can prevent a monitor from receiving a signal. We usually lost the signal from Ren’s tires in the middle of the trip. Once in a while, the monitor couldn’t even see some of Stimpy’s tires. At first we thought weak batteries were the problem. Replacing old batteries sometimes didn’t fix it. After using the system for two years, we decided that we actually need a repeater.

So, we recently bought a TPMS system repeater/booster for our EezTire TM-515T22/SP. David hardwired it to the wire of an unused light fixture in a closet in the back of the coach. Since installing the repeater, we did one long trip and one short trip. The repeater has performed satisfactorily. The monitor found Ren’s tires almost immediately and it never lost the signal during the trip. So, I think the problem is finally solved.

TPMS system repeater/booster

What is your experience with TPMS?

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