It’s been three months since my last post. I have to admit it’s much harder for me to write blog posts about the city wherein I grew up than other cities where I am just a visitor. Don’t be mistaken. There are so many things to write about Bangkok. My dilemma is I just don’t want to write about your typical tourist information that is readily available on the internet and guidebooks.

As I came up with ideas for blog posts, I stumbled over how to make them interesting. To help get myself through this writer’s block, I think for now I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking on the update of what David and I have been up to in the past few months in Thailand.

View of Bangkok from our bedroom window
For a few weeks earlier this year, Bangkok was blanketed with smog, which could be seen clearly from our condo on the 33rd floor.
January through March is typically a dry time of the year although once in a while we do get some shower.
A street vendor selling Som Tum, a popular spicy papaya salad
When in Thailand and in season, there aren’t many fruits that can beat mangosteens, called mangkhut (มังคุด) in Thai. The flavor is wonderfully bright, juicy, sweet, and tangy.
Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market
Visiting Bangkok’s old community along Bangkok Yai Canal
Street vendors at Wat Lao Temple Fair
Old-fashioned activities at the Fair
Political campaign signs in Bangkok. Thailand saw its first nationwide election in 8 years.
David’s Thai language learning materials. One main reason that we’re spending 2019 in Thailand is for David to learn the Thai Language. He is making a lot of progress.
Despite being such bustling and unorganized, from time to time, Bangkok can be quite a pretty city.

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  1. Oh man, we would love to spend time in Thailand at some point. We’ve heard nothing but great things about visiting there, and a city like Bangkok? I could just wander around and take photos for days…. There’s just so much great energy and so much to take in. I’m definitely jealous. The only sad thing is that awful smog. We’re seeing it everywhere we travel these days. So depressing….

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  2. Glad you are enjoying your homeland. Love hugs and kisses to David. Still miss you guys terribly. Getting ready to make some major movements with mom. It’s time.
    Study hard. Dawn getting ready to move to Nags Head. Jane still here because of moms condition. But as soon as we find her a place she will be leaving. I hope to retire but 4 months of no work may have pushed that back. I am heading to Venice – Dubai 26 day vacation by myself, a cruise November 15 to December. I do know one person on Board My friend Ed Barke. You may remember him, and he has some friends on board too. First trip by myself. A retirement gift it was suppose to be. Now not so sure. May have to wait until after first of the year. But getting social security starting in May. Happy birthday to me. Hope to see you one day. Love Wanda. Jane too.


  3. Good to see you guys surfacing again, it definitely feels like it’s been a while. Glad that things are going well for you both! Look forward to reading more about your adventures abroad and once your back in the states again.


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