David and I returned to the U.S. around the middle of March, right before the original shelter-in-place order in California was issued. We spent next three months at Sam’s Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs self-isolated. Although it was nice not having to be on the move for a while after all the travels we did in Southeast Asia earlier, three months of being in one place was enough and we were itching to be heading north again as it was getting hot in the Palm Springs area.

Our plan was to take U.S. Route 395 through the Eastern Sierra in California up to Oregon. We had about two weeks from when we left Desert Hot Springs to when our RV park reservation in Oregon begins. Since there was no hurry to get up to Oregon, we wanted to spend a few days at each boondocking spot and campground along the route. We had taken the U.S. 395 down to Desert Hot Springs in the fall season for three times now, but this was our first time using this route to get to Oregon.

It was the first time for our coach, Stimpy, to be on a long road trip after being in storage for over one and a half years. Staying at Sam’s for three months after Stimpy had been in storage for that length of time was actually a good thing as we had discovered a few issues that needed repairs. As soon as we started living in Stimpy again, we found that the fridge didn’t run on electricity, but operated normally on propane. Our mobile repair guy figured out quickly that the fridge AC power cord was damaged and replaced it. Another problem we had in the first three months of living in Stimpy after a long storage was that a plastic drain plug of the hot water tank sprung a leak. Our mobile repair guy removed and replaced it in less than 10 minutes. Other than that Stimpy came out of storage in a pretty good shape. The tires held air. The lithium batteries seemed to be as healthy as they were. Plus, there was no evidence of rodents inside the coach. Yay.

Since we would be mostly relying on the solar panels to charge the batteries, it’s good to start the trip with clean panels.
Off we go. Onward, northward.
Our TPMS diligently monitored Stimpy’s and Ren’s tire pressure and temperature. It’s peace of mind to know what’s going on with the tires as we rolled down the road. Read the post about our TPMS here.
Driving through Lucerne Valley near Barstow, California
Our boondocking spot in the BLM land near Fossil Falls
We like this spot by a cinder cone called Red Hill. It’s close to the highway and have some cell signals (T-Mobile and AT&T).
Streaming Taiwanese baseball game while boondocking
Beautiful sunset on a calm day. We had stayed at this spot before and it does get windy at time, not on this day.
Exploring the area around Fossil Falls
Little Lake Overlook with Red Hill in the background
Fossil Falls. If you would like to read more about Fossil Falls, this post from Aya of Weekend Campervanning is worth a visit.
Last night boondocking in the Fossil Falls area

We stayed here only two nights. Our coach performed normally. Our solar panels and the battery system provided all the power we needed without having to use a generator to charge the batteries. It was a bit warm during the day, but opening windows and turning on roof fans helped us get through the heat of the day without problem. Next stop, Alabama Hills.

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