Thanks for stopping by. We are David and Keng (เก่ง). In July 2016, after having lived in Richmond, Virginia for 12 years, we retired, bought our RVs, sold our house, became full-time RVers, and moved back to the West. Looking back, it was a big leap of faith and we were glad we did. We’re enjoying the mobile lifestyle and slowly exploring this beautiful country. Come along with us.

Where are we now?

Currently our travels have been mostly in the US West and overseas. Having recently bought a condominium in Bangkok, Thailand, we anticipate that we will be regularly spending part of the winter in Bangkok. For our current location and where we are heading, check out this post.

Want a quick catch-up on our past travels? Here’s a recap.

2018 recap

2017 recap

2016 recap

This blog was written almost exclusively using iPad. Deciding whether you should ditch that old computer? Read about it here.

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What about our Tiger?

Tiger likes the outdoor.
Tiger likes the outdoor.

One of the things that worried us during the planning for this transition was our cat, Tiger. We adopted him in 2008 and he had been the center of our attention in Richmond since. Tiger is an outdoor kitty which we didn’t think would transition into a traveling cat very well. Besides, with our travel plan it meant we’d be out of the country for an extended period occasionally. Fortunately, we found a good home for him but it wasn’t without issues. All is good now. So the kitty situation turned out to be the best for him and for us.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Keng – Thanks for liking my post on BoondockBob’s blog. In turn, I read your wonderful Alabama Hills blog post and enjoyed especially your photographs illustrating the visual difference between boondocking and staying in crowded RV resorts. With your permission I would like to repost your Alabama Hills piece in my blog and would include a link back to your blog. You can contact me directly at hrvlcontact (at) Thanks and Happy Travels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bob – Thanks for your kind words. We enjoyed our time in Alabama Hills and will definitely go back again. I am happy to have you repost the Alabama Hills article. I found your blog to be enjoyable to read and a great resource especially for me who just started RVing and camping in public lands.

      Liked by 1 person

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