Where are we?

Updated on May 14, 2017

Memaloose State Park, Oregon

Where are we heading?

  • May 2017: Hang out in Oregon. We decided to have a mini-vacation by taking an Alaska Cruise from Seattle before we head up to Canada.
  • June – July 2017: Canadian Rockies
  • Early – Mid August 2017: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Rest of August 2017: Oregon
  • September – October 2017: No set plan yet
  • End of October: Fly to Asia

Upper McCord Creek Falls — Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

We were on the Northern California and Oregon Coast for the past 2 weeks. It had been either rainy or windy, or both most of the time and didn’t appear to want to let up. Although we enjoyed being there and love feasting on seafoods, it’s time to move on. After all our home has wheels.

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Blogging using iPad

Since we started our website and the blog last year, I’ve been exclusively using mobile devices, mostly iPad and occasionally iPhone, to create and maintain the site. There were definitely moments of frustration in trying to accomplish something on the iPad that I knew could be done quickly using a laptop computer. But I wanted to make it work. It’s been about a year now and things got easier.

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Never heard of Sisters Rock State Park in Oregon? Neither did we

If you’re looking for a new and relatively unknown place to explore on your road trip to the Southern Oregon Coast that Instagramers haven’t yet made it a cliché, you’ll want to visit Sisters Rock State Park. Huh? I know. I never heard of it either until last month.

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“Iron Art Deco” bird of the Armitage Bridge

Armitage County Park, where we stayed for a few nights while in the Eugene Area, is situated on the bank of the McKenzie River. The park has a nice paved path along the river. The path leads you away from the main section of the park and goes under Coburg Road, a railroad bridge (the Armitage Bridge), and the Interstate 5.

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