Where are we?

Updated on January 15, 2018

Taipei, Taiwan

Bangkok, Thailand

Where are we heading?

  • November 2017 – January 2018: Bangkok (Thailand), Sydney and Hobart (Australia), South Island (New Zealand), Taipei (Taiwan)
  • February – March 2018: Desert Hot Springs, CA

2017 in Pictures

Happy New Year.

As 2017 had come and gone, I’m taking this opportunity to look back at our journey from last year. Our second year of full-time RVing was travel-filled. Since becoming RVers, our travels have been focused on the US West. Last year was no difference with an exception of overseas travel.

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Getting health care as nomads

We have health insurance, as most do. But it’s not generally easy nor inexpensive for us to use medical care in the USA even with insurance.

Health care is messed up in the USA. Especially for nomads. A major problem is access. Access to services is hard! Physicals need to be scheduled months in advance. Likewise routine dental care, like cleanings.

We are also aware that we (or nearly anyone) could be wiped out financially by a health emergency. So — what to do.

Our solution (?) is multi-level.

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