Canadian Rockies 2017

UPDATE (August 9, 2017)

Canadian Rockies hikes that we did so far. Links to blog posts were provided below when available:

  • Nihahi Ridge, Kananaskis (We didn’t quite get up to the ridge)
  • Sparrowhawk Tarns, Kananaskis (Didn’t get to the tarns either)
  • C-level Cirque, Banff NP
  • Valley of the Five Lakes, Jasper NP
  • Wilcox Pass, Jasper NP
  • Maligne Canyon, Jasper NP
  • Path of the Glacier Trail (Mt. Edith Cavell), Jasper NP
  • Pyramid Lake Loop, Jasper NP
  • Sulphur Skyline, Jasper NP
  • Mary Schäffer Loop, Jasper NP
  • Parker Ridge, Banff NP
  • Plain of Six Glaciers, Banff NP
  • Johnston Canyon and Inkpots, Banff NP
  • Bow Glacier Falls, Banff NP
  • Burstall Pass, Kananaskis
  • Stanley Glacier, Kootenay NP
  • Marble Canyon to Paint Pots, Kootenay NP
  • Helen Lake, Banff NP
  • Eiffel Lake, Banff NP
  • Spires Trail, Bugaboo Provincial Park (We didn’t get to Conrad Kain Hut)
  • Iceline Trail, Yoho NP
  • Miller Lake, Mount Revelstoke NP
  • Asulkan Valley, Glacier NP of Canada

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies page! The Canadian Rockies is the destination that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Our plan to visit this summer unfortunately coincides with the 150th anniversary of Parks Canada with free entrance for an entire year. So there will be crowds, loads of people, more so than what the parks usually experience every summer. What this meant was, in addition to dealing with the crowd when we are there, the planning of this trip was challenging. We went through the national parks’ campground reservation in January. I posted about what we learned here. All the campgrounds that we will be staying in the Rockies are now finalized.

Several fellow bloggers whom I follow have kindly shared their favorite hikes and tips. I am compiling potential hikes that we would like to do, weather and our physical condition permitting. The list is growing. I added them on a map so that we can see where they are in relation to our campgrounds. This map is being updated as I discover new hikes. We may not have enough time to do all of them in this trip, but I’m sure this won’t be our last visit to the Rockies.

Click on the map below for a zoomable version




  1. We stayed at Tunnel Mountain in Banf and Whistler’s in Jasper…both are excellent. However, if you want to get in either of them make sure you go online on the first day the reservations open as the weekends fill quickly. Icefields Parkway is a beautiful drive. Both parks are outstanding but we over all liked Jasper better…but don’t forget to hike up to the Tea House at Lake Louise in Banf. Park at the area near the hotel…when you look out at the lake from in front of the hotel the Tea House is 3 miles and 1000 feet or so uphill on the peaks on the right side of the lake as you look at it. Pretty easy hike though and the food and views from the top are outstanding. In Jasper…Malign Lake and the series of 5 (or maybe 7, can’t remember) smaller lakes just east of town are also great hikes. Make sure you eat (and drink beer if it’s your inclination) at both the Jasper Brewing Company and the Banf Brewing company. Both owned by the same folks and great craft brews although Jasper’s are slightly better. You’ll love both of these parks…we spent 2 weeks in each and did not run out of things to do.

    I would personally skip Glacier NP in the US…the glaciers in both Banf and Jasper are way better.

    If you want a slightly different way home…we headed west from Banf to Salmon Arm and then south through Osoyoos to reenter the US. That puts you back in WA on the east side of the Cascades…where we went to Leavenworth WA…a quaint little town that after the mining industry died there turned itself into essentially a Bavarian village complete with beer gardens, guys in leiderhosen and girls in dirndls, schnitzel and everything Bavarian. It was a little touristy but not nearly as bad as we thought it would be and also has great hikes…some excellent ones along the Icicle River.

    Watertown NP is also great, as the drive coming down the west side of Glacier NP in the US through Kalispell MT.

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    1. Hi Neil. Thanks for visiting and for the suggestions. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit to both Jasper and Banff. Yes, I reserved the campgrounds in Banff, Jasper, and Kootenay on the first day. It was crazy. I didn’t go into the reservation site for Jasper within the first few hours so I didn’t get the exact dates I wanted. Unbelievable. Waterton Lakes NP will have to be another trip as we won’t have enough time to visit this year.



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