Glacier National Park

Lower Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park was one of earlier US national parks I visited and it has remained as one of my favorite parks to this day. I had a fond memory of Glacier. It was the park that helped me discovered my love for hiking. As a novice hiker in Glacier, I was like a kid in a gigantic toy store with never-ending possibilities. My first glacier sighting was also right here.

Glacier National Park covers a large area. When we visited in 2010 we flew into Kalispell, MT, and stayed in Hungry Horse on the west side of the park. We used this as our base and ended up driving a long distance to get to Many Glacier and Two Medicine areas on the east side of the park. It would have been better to move our base to be closer to St. Mary entrance for hiking in St. Mary Lake, Many Glacier, and Two Medicine areas.

Most visitors come to Glacier National Park in summer months. About 85% of Glacier’s 2.4 million annual visitors plan their visits between June to September. Going-to-the-Sun Road showcases the beauty of the park and change in the landscape as you climb from about 3,000-ft elevation of Lake McDonald to alpine country of the Continental Divide at Logan Pass (6,646 ft). We did not get to see St. Mary Lake and surrounding mountains in clear weather, but I look forward to being back to Glacier in near future.

Have you been to Glacier National Park? What was your experience at Glacier? Enjoy some of the photos from our vis it in August 2010. Also, checkout a beautifully designed official park website and follow them on Instagram at @glaciernps


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