Mae Hong Son Loop: Part 2

Pai to Mae Hong Son

Next morning we continued our road trip to Mae Hong Son. I planned our travel to northern Thailand in early November in hope to see wild sunflowers in full bloom at Doi Mae U-Kho (ดอยแม่อูคอ), a mountain south of Mae Hong Son. Along the route from Chiangmai to Mae Hong Son, I saw wild sunflowers blooming, a promising indicator that the timing was right.

We stopped at Tham Lod (ถ้ำลอด) or Lod Cave. We took a guide-led tour of the cave and took a raft through the cave’s river. Although our guide had a lantern, we relied on extra light from our phone’s flashlight in the cave. I was glad that my parents decided to wait outside because the darkness and uneven footing in the cave would have been difficult for them to have good experience.

Next stop after lunch was at Tham Pla (ถ้ำปลา) or Pla Cave. It was supposed to have a cave with lots of fish to feed. There were fish but I was expecting more. Nevertheless, it was a nice spot to stretch our legs and enjoy afternoon iced coffee. Afterward we went to Ban Rak Thai Village (บ้านรักไทย) near the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Ban Rak Thai is a small remote village in a beautiful setting around a mountain lake. The village was founded by a Chinese soldier and the way of lives at the village still had Chinese influence. Then we headed to the town of Mae Hong Son.

We stayed at Fern Resort Mae Hong Son. It was a gorgeous resort with rooms in separate huts surrounded by nature. They had rice paddies in the resort which added to the ambience. We went to the town at night for dinner and strolled the streets.

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